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We’re seeking an experienced project manager with a track record in managing projects in the arts in schools and the community. We’re particularly keen to hear from those who have worked around music and APS or similar and especially with diverse and marginalised groups to project manage an ambitious new R&D programme funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.  

The project is part of an established creative programme of community and educational work in music that reaches around 3000 young people each year to support their personal, social, emotional and musical development. 

Overview of the role

There is lots to achieve over the next 22 months, with a clear timetable and roadmap for the project already prepared. We are now looking for someone to work with The Music Works to steer the project successfully through all of its stages.  

The Project Manager, working part-time from appointment until September 2023, will ensure that the project engages and involves all of the partners  and co-ordinate all stages of the project 

The role comprises a mixture of hands-on practical tasks and a co-ordination role to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and all partners are supported to carry out their project elements.  

The Project Manager will report to the Creative Director at The Music Works, and to a Steering Group comprising of representatives of all stakeholder partners, including the APS schools, youth advocates, music leaders and commissioners/funders.  

Key tasks

Project management and co-ordination  

  • Arranging, preparing for and supporting regular meetings of the project Steering Group  
  • Ensuring, through working closely with all project partners, that all activities in the project timetable are
  • Pepared for and implemented on time  
  • Monitoring the project budget and ensuring the project keeps within its financial envelope, reporting any concerns to the Steering Group  
  • Delivering regular progress updates to the Creative Director at The Music Works and the Steering Group as required
  • Creating a risk register for the project and keeping this up to date and regularly reported to the Steering Group  

Partner communication and liaison  

  • Being the central co-ordinator for project work happening across all partners, ensuring open and clear communication with all. 
  • Liaising with all external project partners to ensure their role on the project is clear, to understand their motivations and aims, and to involve them at relevant points  
Project aims
  • Position music as an integral part of personal, social, and academic development in all five of the AP settings in Gloucestershire (content/intention) 
  • Ensure the entitlement of access to music for all students in APS. 
  • To Build a new and sustainable model for children and young people-centred music leadership in AP settings in Gloucestershire (structure) 
Project objectives
  • Set up a Steering Group comprising a school leader and a teacher from each of the AP settings, two experienced Music Leaders, two youth advocates attending AP, Ben O’Sullivan TMW Creative Director
  • Develop Theory of Change, co-constructed with staff, pupils, music leaders to inform project development.
  • Music will be embedded structurally into both the timetable and the curriculum offer. Cross curricular links will embed music into curriculum planning and teaching and learning approaches. 
  • Music-based mentoring will be embedded into the pedagogy of AP settings and over two years of co-planning and delivery both Music Leaders and AP staff will develop new knowledge and skills which will become embedded into their practice. 
  • At a strategic level both TMW and the Local Education Authority are ambitious to develop a music entitlement for AP students. The LEA is running a new AP curriculum project and has invited TMW to sit on the project group to offer expert input around music and arts provision.
  • Commission an external evaluation partner. 
Key info

Job title: Project manager, The Music Works, APS music programme

Location: Gloucestershire 

Closes: 11th October 2021 

Paid Contract: £10,000 c. 40 days across 22 months. 

How to apply

We are committed to having a workforce that is representative of the community we serve at all levels in and around the organisation; with contractors, staff, freelancers, trustees, and volunteers.

We therefore welcome applications from all backgrounds and all sections of the community. 

To apply please email us your cover letter and CV to :

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If you have any questions, please email Ben:

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