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We use an approach called ‘musically inclusive practice’, which is also known as informal music education or community music practice.

This focuses on using creativity to empower young people to improve their own lives and effect wider change. It directly feeds into into our own organisational theory of change:

We’ve tested this theory for many years and can evidence significant transformations in the lives of young people, including reductions in offending, improvements in school/college attendance and getting employment.

Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do.

We believe that true musical inclusion can only happen if all young people are supported as musicians across all genres and styles, by leaders who genuinely support them as individuals. Music leaders are creative role models who believe fundamentally that any young person has the potential to be creative. They work to empower any young person regardless of the barriers they may face, helping them to make whatever music they want to make.

Music is a powerful engagement tool for young people
Our impact

By removing some of the barriers young people in challenging circumstances would otherwise face, we allow them to explore and express their creativity and fulfil their potential.

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Youth voice

We’ve become established as a key anchor organisation for young people in challenging circumstances, championing inclusive music and promoting a ground-breaking approach to diversity and skills development, and our sphere of influence is growing.

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Callum's story

“Within moments, the empty classroom became his studio, his rehearsal room, his stage, and his ‘safe space.’ He’d close the door to the outside world, and enter his own.”

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