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Voice Collective is a 10-week programme of singing and song-writing suitable for KS2, KS3, KS4 & KS5 students including alternative provision and those with additional needs.
What will you get out of the programme?
  • 9 weekly one-hour song writing workshops - write an original song blending genres, creating own lyrics, melodies, harmonies and backing
  • A completed group song
  • A completed audio and or music video (optional) - choice of in-school or professional recording studio away day
  • Performance resources
  • CPD opportunity for Head of Music / Music Dept
Who is it for?

Voice Collectives is suitable for any class or large group of students from year 4 to year 13It is ideal for the following :

  • Transition activity - often chosen to create a year 6 leavers song to support the transition process
  • Supporting areas of your music curriculum
  • Raising awareness around a theme or topic that is important to your school e.g. anti-bullying
  • School values- creating a whole school anthem which can celebrate your school for years to come

Song writing can be an amazing way to support positive well-being, as well as to grow students’ enjoyment of music and belief in their own abilities. 

Interested in Voice Collective for your school but would like to lead more of the course in-house?

We can offer bespoke courses for your needs, just get in touch with our education team to find out more: education@themusicworks.org.uk 

How to book

To find out more on prices and to book Voice Collective for your school, get in touch with the team below:

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Additional info

Voice Collective can count as one of your two interventions for the GHLL Healthy Schools award, as we will measure the impact the project has on the emotional health and wellbeing of the students involved. This is all done through anonymous evaluation forms. This, along with the Pupil Premium outcome measures, will be of interest to senior leadership teams.

The impact

“I used to find it tough to male lyrics but I learnt so many skills and now have a process to continue to do it by myself in the future.” – Yr 9 student, Cleeve School


“I cannot tell you how much the children, staff and parents have enjoyed this amazing experience! The children were so proud of what they achieved and it will stay with them for years to come. Children we never thought would, took on solo parts and the project was great for wellbeing. The video element was special and something I would love all our children to experience during their time with us!”


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