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We offer small group music mentoring sessions for KS3 & KS4 in schools interested in the wider outcomes around music education.
Who is it for?

Small group mentoring is for groups of up to 8 students. The programme is young-person led and designed to support and enhance young people’s social, personal and musical development.  We work with young people who are either struggling with mental health challenges and exhibiting internalised behaviours, or young people who are displaying externalised behaviours who may be at risk of exclusion.


“My concentration skills are better now, and I’m much happier. I really enjoy it and now I’m doing my main Arts Award. they help me write songs, I can never find words and the words that come out are really bad, but they’ve helped my confidence a lot.”

What does Small Group Mentoring involve
  • Confidence building through creative musical activities
  • Being part of a safe and trusted environment
  • Sharing & supporting each other through group bonding

A recent study of young people that we work with, using the internationally recognised and validated Warwick and Edinburgh wellbeing scale, shows, with greater than 95% confidence that those who complete the programme will experience a positive effect on wellbeing.

How to book
  • icon-tickets £500

To find out more and to book music labs for your school, fill out education enquiry form. 

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Our work in APS’s and in Hospital Education across Gloucestershire has proven that music is an effective way to engage and build confidence in young people who struggle with learning, behaviour, and poor mental health. To find out more about who we are and what we do check out our impact page.

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