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This is a 10-week digital music and creativity programme to engage students at risk of low attainment and/or those with emotional and behavioural difficulties in mainstream schools.

Our dedicated music leaders will work with KS3 & KS4 students in groups of up to six to create and record music in genres/styles chosen by them. This is done using computers, tablets, voices and available instruments helping students to build their digital, creative and organisational skills.

Through Digital Music Labs, students will gain new skills that will be practically useful to them, and will build their confidence, self-belief, and engagement in learning. They will get their own ‘mixtape’ of favourite music, music tracks they have created and recorded, advice and signposting for further progression routes and, in some cases, Arts Award ‘Discover and Explore’(or if the programme is extended- Bronze Award).


“My concentration skills are better now, and I’m much happier. I really enjoy it and now I’m doing my main Arts Award. He helps me write songs, I can never find words and the words that come out are really bad, but … he’s helped my confidence a lot.”
[Female student who had been experiencing bullying at school]

Digital Music Labs Programmes
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Our work in APS’s and in Hospital Education across Gloucestershire has proven that music is an effective way to engage and build confidence in young people who struggle with learning, behaviour, and poor mental health. To find out more or to book Digital Music Labs for your school please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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